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Your anniversary is near and you have no 1 year anniversary ideas yet? Well, Fear not! The rest of this article will be devoted into giving out tips and suggestions on what you could do on this special day.

A year together is something worth celebrating of. A lot of relationships never go this far. In a world of divorce and annulment, you should be very proud that you have reached your first year. For that you deserve a pat on your back.

A lot of people dread their anniversaries for the fear of disappointing their partners. But this should not be the case. Instead of dreading it, we should look at it as an opportunity to show your love towards your partner. Anniversaries are not only merely celebrations but they are benchmarks of your relationship. It means that you have survived the ups and downs of a year together. Anniversaries should be well spent together.


1 Year Anniversary Ideas: Think Outside Of The Box

The typical thing people do is to give out gifts. Yes, gifts are nice. Everyone would agree with me that they love receiving gifts. Giving gifts is nice too; it gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling especially when you know that the person likes your gift. But for an anniversary, think of a gift outside the box. Think of a gift that is outside the traditional gifts people give during anniversaries. The traditional Anniversary gifts list made by Emy Potts (queen of proper etiquette) says that the 1st year anniversary gift should have something to do about paper. People most often give photo albums or poems on frame but why not give something different? Give a scrapbook perhaps. The usual photo album only hold different pictures but a scrapbook can contain not only pictures but also love messages, poems and dedications specially made for your loved one. Not only that, you could also put memorabilia like tickets, receipts or anything that you could’ve kept during your first year together.


1 Year Anniversary Ideas: Go Out

Still, I think the best thing to do on anniversaries is to go out. You can go out on a date, on a vacation or on a honeymoon. You can take your partner to a hotel or restaurant and have dinner together. You could also take a weekend off and go on a secluded beach. You can enjoy each other’s company while resting. Vacations are always double purpose. Not only would you have the time to rest, relax and unwind, you can also enjoy each other’s company and know each other better.

If you are well-off and have extra budget, go on a second honeymoon. This will not only allow you to unwind but this will also be a time for you to bond. During the honeymoon, make sure to properly ‘document’ everyday. Take a lot of pictures, and if possible, keep a journal. You could later on give this to your partner as the next year’s anniversary gift.




A year spent together is a year spent well. Anniversaries are one of the most important events in the life of a couple. Take this time to reminisce the past, enjoy the present and plan for the future. Show your love towards your partner through these 1 year Anniversary Ideas. Your Ad Here


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